August 7, 2017.

Our client Lingen Precision Medical Products has entered into an exclusive Joint Venture with Nidacon International of Sweden. The Joint Venture will be based in Shanghai. Across Partners was instrumental in the whole process. Initially, we searched and identified Nidacon International as a qualified product supplier for Lingen’s future development in Assisted Reproduction Technology sector.

Finally, we assisted to develop a joint business (and synergy) plan for the parties which balanced the parties’ perspectives of risks and rewards, and we negotiated fair and competitive contractual terms, with view to give the JV in China the best chance to develop in a competitive and evolving marketplace.

Hans Halskov, Managing Partner of Across Partner, expressed after the Agreement, “With the necessity of having products approved by the local CFDA and requirements of streamlined distribution channels, it is costly and requires a local skill-set to develop a business of ART in China. The market is evolving fast with recent medical reforms, and the two-child policy introduced in 2016. This strategic cooperation and integrated partnership commitments combines Nidacon’s unique products with Lingen’s strengths in China, not limited to distribution, production and capital resources.”