The Danish audio technology company Dynaudio has been acquired by the Chinese supplier of audio components GoerTek, which has it’s headquarter in Eastern Shandong province.

In an all cash deal, Goertek and its subsidiary is paying USD 50 million for 100% of Dynaudio, but GoerTek’s subsidiary will sell back 17% to the former owner and the company’s management, making the Chinese net investment USD 41.5 million for 83% of the shares.

– I have a lot of respect for the competencies within Dynaudio and it is important to us to maintain and continue to develop the competencies. With GoerTek’s strengths in electronic hardware and software design in the smart audio area to be combined with Dynaudio’s leading speaker technology and premium brand in Hi-Fi audio market, we are able to bring customers lots of exciting innovations in the near future. I look forward to accelerating the growth along with the team at Dynaudio, Bryan Jiang, the Chairman and founder of GoerTek says.

Dynaudio is well known global sound box brand, founded in 1977, making smart sound boxes, professional sound boxes and sound boxes for cars.