The Danish speaker producer, Scan-Speak A/S, announced Tuesday April 1 that the company officially has been fully acquired by Eastern Asia Technology (HK) Limited, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Eastern Technologies Holding Limiter (KYET), based in Taiwan.

KYET is a Taiwanese OEM/ODM manufacturer of speaker systems and head phones. The acquisition will not influence the production in Denmark, Scan-Speak announced.

The acquisition totals DKK 40m (€5,4m), according to Reuters.

Scan-Speak’s gross profit rose in 2013 to DKK 22,1m (€3m) from DKKK 19,6m (€2,6m), while EBT rose to DKK 1,4m (€0,2m) from DKK 0,1m (€15,000) in 2012.