Copenhagen office

Hans Halskov, MBA
Hans Halskov, MBAManaging Partner
“I thrive as a pioneer and is motivated by making sustainable solutions to complex issues dealing with M&A and strategic business development”
Aaron Huang, M.Sc.
Aaron Huang, M.Sc.Senior Advisor
“I love this process of negotiating contracts, even mindsets, to create solutions between buyers and sellers, it is really fascinating and rewarding”
Yixin Chen, M.Sc.
Yixin Chen, M.Sc.Analyst
“I usually get traction easily when I promote opportunities to investors. Personality really matters, and confidentiality and loyalty is key.”
Jess Wang, M.Sc.
Jess Wang, M.Sc.Analyst
“I know the requirements from transacting parties are enormous, but I’m tenacious and analytical at work enabling me to find the right match of buyer and seller.”