The Trade Council under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a pilot project that aims to demostrate the positive effects of Chinese co-ownership of SMEs. Next year, three Danish companies that qualify for the program will be invited to join the project.

While Across Partners and its co-advisors will help to prepare the companies to sell a minority stake, the Danish MFA will lead the search for qualified investors in China. The project name has been dubbed ‘SHARE’ as it’s about sharing ownership, as well as selling a share of a company. Evaluation of SHARE is expected to take place in December 2015.

Chinese non-financial Overseas Direct Investments are expected to hit a record of USD 110-120 billion this year, more than 100% growth compared to 2009.

Europe is taking an increasing share of the total, and M&A is growing compared to greenfield projects. The effects of this trend is now being studied by Across Partners and the Danish MFA in this joint effort.