March 26, 2018

ACROSS PARTNERS hosted a Master-Class with Danish-Chinese Business Forum and Medical Device Industry Association of Denmark.

The purpose was to enlighten participants about the planned disruptive reforms of China’s devices sectors, and to discuss possible solutions. The members showed huge interests in this high-growth sector and discussed the topic in the panel after the seminar. This Medtech event gave the attendees new perspectives of the healthcare sector in China.

Kristian Teglkamp, Health Team Counsellor of Danish Embassy in China, meticulously explained the “Two-Invoice System”, the “Two-Envelope System” and their important implications for foreign medical device companies.

“In order to reduce purchasing costs and increase supply-chain transparency, the Chinese government want to have a reduced number of invoices (2) from manufacturer to hospitals”.

He Xiaodong, Senior Global Public Affairs Manager in Leo Pharma, demonstrated Leo Pharma’s current Chinese initiatives and market perspectives.

“Market access tasks should be holistically managed with sufficient dedicated resources deployed to ensure success”, she concluded, and emphasized that a risk mitigation strategy should be developed for coping with the reform challenges.

Hans Halskov, Managing Partner of Across Partners, stated growing interest for Chinese investment in Danish Medtech and Pharmaceutical sectors.

“With a Chinese strategic partner as equity shareholder, the China market becomes realistic and attractive for most Danish companies. Yet, China has risks, so the trick is to share and reduce this risk at highest strategic level between the parties. In-depth cooperation mitigates risks on both sides”, he stated.

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