Service platform to European clients:

  • Identify investors and strategic partners which could become a significant Chinese equity and business development partner
  • Advise on deal structuring, and lessons learned from deals with Chinese investors
  • Outline key parameters for valuations and calculate valuation ranges
  • Advise input to the joint business plan optimizing synergies and adding competitive China factors
  • Drive and coordinate the entire deal process, incl. handling sensitivities concerning business culture and valuation & terms negotiations
  • Attract a European or Chinese team of supporting specialists (such as lawyers and auditors formal due diligence and legal closing procedures)
  • Construct or provide input to the Information Memorandum and anonymous pitch materials, including translations, for effective marketing purposes

Service platform to Chinese clients:

  • Identify suitable European target companies to acquire, and obtain Seller’s preliminary interest to cooperate
  • Mitigate potential risks of misunderstandings between the buyer and the seller by bridging communication and culture differences.
  • Close any information gaps between the parties to speed up the process, incl. drafting the IOI, LOI, NDA, SPA, etc.
  • Collect and decipher the data of the target company as preliminary due diligence
  • Negotiate on behalf of the Chinese buyer, including valuation
  • Structure the cooperation between the buyer and the seller for sustainable win-win success.
  • Attract a specialists’ advisors for due diligence
  • Obtain local and national government support of the investment
  • Obtain debt financing from local banks or co-investment from local private equity funds in order to reduce risks